Hk-2mb supersonic low altitude cruise target missile

HK-2MB Supersonic low altitude target missile is a simulation of supersonic low altitude cruise missile flight speed, height, and attitude of target, based on 122 mm rockets, cost-effectiveness ratio than similar products, sea-skimming flight level min imum 25m, maximum speed is close to 2.5 Ma, projectile system extended the original equipment, have mature technology state, the characteristics of high reliability, which can effectively detect the projectile weeks to 360 °, the relative speed of 5 Ma of small target; It can be widely used in anti-missile weapon system training of navy, army and test base, and in supersonic target simulation, military training, military exercise, weapon system test and other fields.

The length of the projectile 3.4 m
Max take-off weight 75 kg
The projectile diameter 0.12 m
Max mission load 6 kg
Max level speed 2.5 Ma
Working height 25-150 m
voyage 20 km
RCS  0.1-0.2 m²
Measurement and control the radius 20 km
Miss distance measurement Measuring range within 10 m/measuring accuracy 1 m
End transverse dispersion error ≤300 m
Accuracy of track measurement ≤0.3 m
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