AVIC Nighthawk Short Range Surveillance Drone

Nighthawk (Ye-Ying or Yeying, 夜鹰) is a Chinese UAV developed by HAIG with applications in both civilian and military.

Small short-range surveillance drones

The Nighthawk UAV system is a new generation of small short-range unmanned drones mainly used in the battlefield for reconnaissance surveillance, target accurate positioning, and fighting against damage effect assessment tasks such as correction shots. The system adopts zero launching via a rocket booster, with a light weight, large task loading capacity and is flexible and convenient for use.

The overall layout and aerodynamic characteristics

This small, short-range UAV system has a high wing, tail wing and has adopted an inverted V form. It uses a parachute recovery system with a skid damping system under the airframe.

operation radius  120km
maximum level flight speed  180km/h
cruising speed  120-150km/h
flight endurance  3.5h
ceiling  3800m
takeoff/landing mode  Rockt boost/parachute return

Nighthawk Short UAV

Nighthawk Short UAV
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