Helicópteros Não Tripulados

HK-450Z Shipborne Unmanned Helicopter

The carrier-borne ultra-light unmanned helicopter has the characteristics of coaxial anti-oar, no tail oar, small size, flexible deployment and high payload ratio. The electric control system can greatly reduce the structural complexity of the hub and achieve weight reduction and high reliability. H∞ high robustness high precision flight control, strong wind resistance, adaptive state, high track accuracy; High precision anti-jamming recovery and guidance system, combined with intelligent auxiliary ship landing equipment, to achieve full autonomous landing.


Length : 2.2 m
Width:  1.404 m
Max take-off weight  : 520 kg
Landing gear width :1.2 m
Max mission payload :120 kg
Rotor diameter : 6.0 m
Max level flight speed :180 km/h
Cruising speed: 120 km/h
Practical ceiling : 5000 m
Endurance : 6.4 h
Anti-wind ability:  level 6
Take-off and landing approach  : vertical
Measurement and control radius  : 150 km
Image transmission distance : 150 km

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